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New Curriculum - Art & Design

Art and Design

Exploring and developing ideas

1.  Pupils should be taught to:

a)  record from first-hand observation, experience and imagination, and explore ideas

b)  ask and answer questions about the starting points for their work, and develop their ideas.


Investigating and making art, craft and design

2.  Pupils should be taught to:

a)  investigate the possibilities of a range of materials and processes

b)  try out tools and techniques and apply these to materials and processes, including drawing

c)  represent observations, ideas and feelings, and design and make images and artefacts.


Evaluating and developing work

3.  Pupils should be taught to:

a)  review what they and others have done and say what they think and feel about it

b)  identify what they might change in their current work or develop in their future work.


Knowledge and Understanding

4.  Pupils should be taught about:

a)  visual and tactile elements, including colour, pattern and texture, line and tone, shape, form and space

b)  materials and processes used in making art, craft and design

c)  differences and similarities in the work of artists, craftspeople and designers in different times and cultures [for example, sculptors, photographers, architects, textile designers].


Breadth of study

5.  During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through:

a)  exploring a range of starting points for practical work [for example, themselves, their experiences, stories, natural and made objects and the local environment]

b)  working on their own, and collaborating with others, on projects in two and three dimensions and on different scales

c)  using a range of materials and processes [for example, painting, collage, print making, digital media, textiles, sculpture]

d)  investigating different kinds of art, craft and design [for example, in the locality, in original and reproduction form, during visits to museums, galleries and sites, on the internet].


Art & Design for Key Stage One

KS1 art is all about developing creative and imaginative ideas through art and design activities relating to their own experience and identity using range of materials & techniques.

Children explore the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes and begin to understand and use colour, shape and space, as well as pattern and texture to represent and communicate their own feelings, ideas, idientity and the locality in which they live.

Art & Design for Key Stage Two

In KS2 art and design is all about developing children’s creativity and imagination by building on their knowledge, skills and understanding of materials and processes through providing more complex activities. Children’s experiences help them to develop their understanding of the diverse roles and functions of art and design in the locality and in the wider world, as well as learning about historical visual art.

KS2 use sketchbooks for ideas and observations, experiment creatively with materials and processes to improve technical skills such as control of materials, tools and techniques and become more confident in using visual and tactile elements to communicate what they see and feel.






CYP Arts PPA Art Cover

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Option 1 – One practioner leading a number of class groups across nominated PPA days, releasing staff individually for dedicated PPA time.

Option 2 – Several arists specialising in various artforms (drawing, painting, digital media, sculpture), simultaneously leading different workshops on the same day, releasing staff for joint PPA time. Practitioners can be rotated to provide a varied and progressive programme of skills development across the year.

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